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Edit Triggers
Provide your own custom edit triggers.
What is shown in this sample:

Shows how to enable the edit mode by using the edit triggers mouse, keys and navigation keys. Also shows how to customize the edit triggers. The code makes use of the editTriggers property from the datagrid options.

The EditTriggers.onMouseAction property is set to Xceed.EditTriggers.onMouseAction.singleClick to start edit on single click or null to prevent edit on mouse clicks. The EditTriggers.onKeyPress property is set to a custom function starting edit on F2, Baskspace, Delete, any alpha numeric keys and space for boolean columns, or null to prevent edit on key presses. The EditTriggers.onNavigationFocus property is set to Xceed.EditTriggers.onNavigationFocus.tab to start edit on a Tab key press or null to prevent edit on navigation key presses.