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Play with the different configurations that can be done with the Datagrid including filtering, grouping, etc.
What is shown in this sample?
The DataGrid is grouped by the Country and City columns, and is sorted by the Employee column. The Weight and Quantity columns are filtered. The ID column cannot be grouped. The Order Time column is prevented from being filtered, grouped, and sorted. The Price, Weight, and Stock Level columns are automatically formated thourgth the use of the CurrencyFormatter, DecimalFormatter, and PercentFormatter format definitions The Order Time column display the time part of the date of the Order Date column simply by setting its columnDefinition.type to'time'. The Discontinued column is automatically set to use our default boolean viewer which shows an image when the cell value is true, and noting when it's false. This is accomplish by simply setting columnDefinition.type to 'boolean'. Toggling the filter logical mode changes how filtering is applied, either including items that match any values, or those that only match all values. Toggling the paginator changes how the grid can be navigated, either through pages (in this case, 100 items per page) or with the scrollbar (all items on the same page) only.